What is Real Life Practice?

It's an approach to attorney coaching that recognizes the importance of achieving a sound balance in your life & your law practice. Read more...

Earn More. Stress Less.
Earn More. Stress Less. With Real Life Practice

Earn More.
Stress Less.

Do you feel like you simply don’t have the time to do what it takes to effectively market your firm or manage your staff or increase your revenues? Then you need to stop, develop a plan, and execute.

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Take Control.
Take Control with Real Life Practice


You can find the time to enhance productivity.

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Make It Rain.
Make It Rain with Real Life Practice

Make It

Want more rain? Build relationships and understand that everything you do is marketing.

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Get Lean.
Get Lean  with Real Life Practice


Learn how to cut costs, improve effectiveness and efficiency so you can succeed in the 21st Century.

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Build Your Team.
Build Your Team with Real Life Practice

Build Your

Create a high-performance team and improve teamwork and communication.

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Avoiding Extinction by Mitch Kowalski will forever change the way you think about the practice and business of law.

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Nora is excited to be teaching Lean Six Sigma for Solos at Solo Practice University.
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